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Honor Roll

During the 2015-16 fiscal year, our alumni and friends provded $1,018,355 to support the College of Communications and its students. The Honor Roll recognizes alumni and friends who made gifts of $100 or more during the fiscal year. The information has been provided by the Office of University Development.

Dean's Circle

(Greater than $2,500)

A Bright Idea
Gerald W. Abrams
LaVonne Althouse
Altria Group Inc.
Douglas A. and Claudia Anderson
Arizona State University
Barbara R. Palmer Trust
Robert P. Barbarowicz
Anthony F. Barbieri Jr.
T. Robert Boulware
Bradley’s SC LLC
Martin and Maxine Brian
Todd J. and Anita A. Brightman
Benjamin A. Bronstein
Walter J. Broscious
Brownstein Group
Marc A. and Amy L. Brownstein
Joseph B. Butcher
Suzanne L. Butcher
Cafe 210 West Inc.
Joanne A. Calabria
Warren R. and Rebecca H. Carmichael
Olivier Cojot-Goldberg
Philip R. and Joan C. Currie
Stanley E. and Ann H. Degler
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation
Dow Chemical Company
Dow Jones Newspaper Fund Inc.
Joseph H. and Shirley W. Eberly
Helene W. Eckstein and William C. Humphries
Elizabeth A. Fetter and Donald Durbin
Fidelity Investments Charitable Fund
Florida State University Research Foundation Inc.
Ellen Miller Foster

Friends of Patrick S. Boland
Jay H. Grossman and Dorothy Daub-Grossman
Gregory W. and Deborah J. Guise
Marie Hardin and Jerry Kammer
Michael and Laurie Allen Harding
Daniel M. Hartman
Matthew J. Hayden
Thomas J. and Nancy R. Hayden
Bridget D. Hughes
Jeffrey W. and Nancy S. Hunt
Jay R. Jackson
Jewish Communal Fund
Jim Murray Memorial Foundation
John Templeton Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Contribution Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.
David R. and Mary Lee Lauffer Jones
Richard L. and Sally Wayman Kalin
Stevens J. and Diane Kohn Kasselman
Wendy L. Lichtenstein
Alexandra Hughes Maloney and David Maloney
Frederick J. and Ann B. Martelli
Christopher J. and Diane Martin
Mary M. and Joseph W. Meder
Laurence E. and Carole Moskowitz
Murray Overhill Pharmacy Inc.
National Philanthropic Trust
Ellen Blakely Pagano and Louis A. Pagano
Barbara R. Palmer
Eric W. and Luisa M. Rabe
Lawrence D. and Deborah Raiman

Robert D. Richards

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Andrew W. and Beatrice L. Schultz
Herbert J. and Jeanne S. Siegel
Bette B. Jackson Smith
Judith A. Stimson
Troan Foundation Inc.
United Way of Greater Rochester
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Thomas M. and Kirsten Verducci
Vranos Family Foundation
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Linda Yaccarino-Madrazo and Claude P. Madrazo
David S. and Jamie Paul Yadgaroff
Randolph S. and Maria E. Yanoshak

Dean's Associates

($1,000 to $2,499)

John R. Affleck
Murali Balaji and Devi S. Ramkissoon
Randi D. Bandman
Richard M. and Antoinette R. Bange
John Q. Beauge
R. Thomas and Paulette Berner
Anne Brubaker Burns and John J. Burns
Jeanne Tremblay Chapkovich
and Kevin Chapkovich
Anne Simmons Chubb and
Kenneth A. Chubb
John C. and Valvria Blanding Clark
John M. and Maureen Collins
Robin A. Deacle
John and Janet Dillon
Foot Locker Inc.
Gene C. and JoAnn Foreman
Judith E. Friedman
Fuel Creative Inc.
Garner Anderson LLC
Donald W. Hamer and Marie Bednar
Brian M. and Dale Healy
Heasley&Partners Inc.

Kathy DeGrandi Heasley

Robert E. Heisse
Interstate Advertising Managers Association
Jennifer P. and Kenneth W. Irvin
Bill A. and Honey F. Jaffe
Gilbert Edward and Patricia L. Kindelan
Donald R. King
Eileen Wirtshafter Leibowitz
George C. and Nancy Akeley Lewis
Benson M. and Christine A. Lichtig
Amanda L. and Michael R. Lockwood
Loeb & Loeb LLP
Ann Marie Major
Robert P. and Marylou Miller Martin
Norman C. and Mollie Miller
Patrick Parsons and Susan Strohm
Richard J. and Stephanie Vuto Rapp
William E. Reimer
David W. and Marsha Silverberg Skidmore
Ralph E. and Kathleen Kirsch Smith
Stewart H. and Karen Stabley
Marylouise M. and Barry C. Uhlig
Richard M. Weissmann
Christopher C. Wheeler
James R. Wiggins and Christine V. Fleming

Communication Partners

($500 to $999)

Jane L. Agnelly
Ali M. Audi
Arvind Balaji
Kodumudi Balaji
Lakshmi Balaji
Judson E. Burch
Jane Lendvay Conley and David N. Conley
Carole L. Feldman
William J. Hackett
Anne M. Hoag
Jeanne & Thomas Hardy Family Foundation
Thomas G. Hardy and Jeanne Hardy-Sloan
Roy C. Justice

Lucille S. Leach
Left Right Repeat LLC
Mitchell E. Levine
Lisa Haney Lydon and Christopher Lydon
Ann M. Major and Erwin Atwood
Patrick J. and Helia Teller Maritato
David J. and Jodie L. Morris
Sanford I. Padwe
J. Ford and Mary S. Risley
Lorraine A. Ryan
Robin Ward Savage
Ralph D. and Nancy Wilson Schumack
Paul A. Seltman
Fuyuan and Robyn Shen
Jane-Perry Shoemaker
Virginia L. Sirocky
Paul L. and Mary Ann Tsompanas
Walt Disney Company Foundation
Lyle R. Yablonsky

Carnegie Club

($250 to $499)

Michael and Johanna L. Altland
Mark D. Ashenfelter
Kathryn L. Blum
Conrad H. and Candice J. Busch
Nathan A. Cecco
William P. and Lois J. Clark
Clifton W. Colmon
Pamela A. Cook
Christopher W. and Stephanie L. Crider
Cheryl A. Dunlap and James Levkoff
Kim D. Eaton and Anthony D. Etzi
Eliza Newell Flanagan
Robert L. and Kathleen M. Gavazzi
Catherine D. and Paul D. Greenland, III
Stephen A. Heiser
Chad W. Hershberger and Sarah Voorhees
Jeffrey B. and Elizabeth M. Hershey
Kate K. Hershey
Frederick A. and Marilyn Rinker Jennerjohn
Rebecca P. Jones
Richard W. and Ann M. Jones
Robert A. Junas
Jessica M. Kern
Jeffrey D. and Kimberly S. Klein
Stacy L. Landau
Rabbi Greg E. Litcofsky and Rachel I. Litcofsky
Thomas R. and Joanne Loebig
Richard W. and Susan
Pesansky Matthews
Abby Mayer
Deborah M. Meder and Larry S. Gohn
Kimberly E. Mehle
Michael B. and Esther Meyers
Brian A. Morrison
Norman J. and Betsy Murray
Stephanie L. Podey
Michael S. Poorman
Pamela A. Reasner and Mark Robert Cutkosky
Patrick C. and Renee Craig Reeder
William and Margaret A. Rehill
Caitlin R. and Nicholas Robert Rossmann
Benjamin S. and Karla Anne Rupp
T. Rowe Price – Charitable Giving
Trustees of Temple Emanuel-Rabbi’s Fund #2
Richard R. and Esther L. Van O’Linda
William H. and Mona
Signorino Wunderlich
S. Charles and Patrice Bradley Zdeb
Bu Zhong

Century Club

($100 to $249)

Eric and Patricia Alleger Adelmann
Marc J. and Stephanie L. Albero
David L. and Erin M. Alderfer
Gordon H. and Barbara Hamill Anderson
Mark E. and Bernedette R. Andersen
Dana Maser Bailey
Rishav Banerjee
Theresa K. Begly
Pierre A. and Mary L. Suhrie Bellicini
Michael J. Bello
Karen M. Bernardo
Jessica L. Blake
Lonny and Lea M. Bowers
Jane Wolbarst Braus
Tiffany K. Brennan
Christine J. Burke
Michael L. and Joyce R. Bussler
Melanie A. Caban
Amy A. Campbell
Robert W. Capo
John A. and Susan P. W. Caruso
Todd and Beth Brestensky Casteel
Stuart H. Chamberlain
Mary L. Cifuentes
Steven M. and Julie Schlanger Clemens
Melissa R. Cohen
John J. and Vicki Schneider Cousley
Victor J. and Toni Dewey Danilov
Kelly E. Davis
John H. and Alice Day
Lynn A. and Mark C. DeFabio
Judith Blackwell Detwiler and Jonathan Detwiler
Frank T. Di Palma
Lee W. Dieffenbacher
Jens K. and Colleen P. Duerr
John A. and Bernadette E. Dunn
Jennifer L. Evanitsky
Sarah M. and Michael Evers
Gary C. Ezard
Ronald and Lori G. Falcone
Earl D. Flick
Vito A. Forlenza
Jason Fornicola
Thomas D. and Barbara Priebe Fraticelli
Kim C. Friedman
Raymond and Shirley Gable Galant
Glenda Lou Gephart and Bill Phoenix
Michael and Marcy Mermel Gessel
Joseph R. and Eileen Gidez
Lauren E. Graham
Anthony M. Greco
Richard S. Greco
Robert K. and Joan Bickley Groff
Mark J. and Denise Hakowski
Traci Levy and Robert L. Hammond
Michael G. Hanusin and Jan Erica Gabrielson
Curtis R. and Inez Althouse Hare
Thomas A. and Joy A. Harvey
Sally A. Heffentreyer
Vance and Jenna L. Hefley
Heather A. Heigele
Carl H. and Phyllis Hamilton Heller
M. E. Hemming
Leonard F. Herzog
Steven and Karen Perillo Hockstein
David and Leslie Levin Hoffman
Edwin L. Hoffman
Anderson Isaacs
Matt and Amber M. Walker Jackson
Jewish Historical Society of Napa Valley
Mark B. and Eileen Roberts Jinks
Robert E. and Mary Bolich Joyce
Glenn N. and Lauren Kaup 
Brenda A. Kelly
Earle S. and Marsha Church King
Brian P. and Mona Kennedy Kirby
Joseph F. and Karen H. Klein
Jeffrey J. and Maryann Annadio Klick
Michael and Janet Klinefelter
Jack and Jeanne B. Klinge
Christin and Holly Knecht
Derek W. Koffel
Ronald R. Kolb
Paul A. Kovach
Peter A. Kowalski and Sandra A. Miller
Richard J. and Jocelyn A. Oring Kravitz
Gregory R. Kunes
Carl F. and Lisa Lahr
William J. Langan
Douglas C. and Carrie J. Le Bow
Rinaldo P. and Susan Leonardi
Robert F. and Brenda Marcia LeVine
Barry C. and Susan Silverberg Lewen
Katie K. Lewis
Christopher J. and Sabrina Landis Liller
Mark X. and Stacey Geib Lima
Alexander and Jennifer L. Lockridge
Alison E. Lohmann
Vincent A. and Heather Loss
Madalyn P. Mako
Denis J. and Catherine Zindler Malone
Joseph W. Maloney
Brittany C. Manopello
James C. and Donna M. Mansfield
Riva M. Marker and Erica Freed Marker
Ann Rittenhouse Martin and Scott Allan Martin
David W. and Jodie Hough Martinson
Mathis Pfohl Foundation
Thomas R. McAdams
Kirstyn M. Mccormick
Sean B. McDermott
Matthew J. McDonald
Michele M. McFarland
Lauren B. and James F. McHale
Joyce C. McKeever
Martin M. McNeeley and Susan Petix-McNeely
D. Jeanne Hapgood Mearkle
Richard A. and Lois D. Meyer
Arthur P. and Marjorie L. Miller
Grace M. Miller
Gary J. and Wendy P. Mondello
National Press Photographers Assoc. Inc.
Krystle M. Padilla
George G. and Sara Carson Peck
James C. and Patricia A. Peck
David M. and Elizabeth J. Pellnitz
Brenda A. Penderville
Jean Allen Petersen
Renee Petrina and Adam Maksl
Marlene D. Petter
Eric S. Plessinger and Alison Greenberg
Timothy W. Potts and C. Lu Conser
Michele L. Procino
Jacqueline M. Puzo
Brendan and Tracey Quinn
Maureen Quinn and Richard Ortiz
Betty J. Ramos
Patrick J. and Julia Ann Raring
Larry Reibstein and Jennifer Streicher Frey
Andrew H. and Alicia R. Richards
Debra J. and Brett A. Rodgers
Samuel V. and Mary F. Rogers
Robert M. Roselli
Jennifer E. Ryan
Joseph Salamon and Maureen Quinn Salamon
Steven W. and Susan D. Sampsell
Esther Latterman Schwartz
Kevin and Noreen Stock Schwartz
Jeffrey J. and Donna Getchen Schwoebel
David P. Sedore and Cynthia DeLeon
Erin M. Sheehan
Brian L. Shelly and Karen K. Jezierski
Jack L. Sholl
Mark and Carol Sigman
Tara L. Smith and Daniel Lee
Stephen D. and Deborah Solomon
Jeanann E. Sperrazza
Edwin R. Steel
Rodney B. and Patricia Stegall
Loretta L. Stempinski
Patricia J. Stewart
Thomas J. and Donna M. Stewart
Scott and Susan Founds Taylor
Linda E. Thomas
Jonathan and Debra J. Thurley
Eric L. Treece
Michael K. Trobich and Linda Crownover
Robert S. Wechsler
Matthew J. and April L. Wilbert
Jason M. and Selena
Gudknecht Wyant
Eric T. Yoder and Patti Black Yoder
Jey E. and Annette L. Yorks
Ralph E. and Lou Ann Zeigler
Wendy M. Zimmerman

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