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Members of the internship office, Julie Miller, Stephanie Girouard and Bob MartinThe College of Communications encourages undergraduate students to complete internships, multiple internships if possible, to help prepare them for careers in the field of communications.

The internship program offers students the opportunity to sharpen their professional skills under the critical eyes of practitioners, to relate their education in the arts and sciences to communications professions and to explore career interests. 

Internships represent a vital part of the proven approach the College of Communications utilizes to help prepare students for success. That combination of classroom instruction, campus media opportunities and career preparation provides a well-rounded experience for students. Plus, a dedicated, three-person staff focuses exculsively on internships and career services in the College.

During internships students get hands-on real life experience, opportunities that allow them to better understand potential careers -- enabling them to confirm their intended plans or learn more about a field in a manner that's simply not possible through experience limited only to the classroom.

Students complete some 600 for-credit internships each calendar year, and whether the experience heightens their passion for a career path or helps them reevaluate what they want, those students invariably appreciate the opportunity an internship provides.

In addition, Penn State's career-services efforts were recently ranked as the second best in the nation among all colleges and universities. STORY


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Martin’s Master Plan to Ensure Marketability

COMM Career Center

This College of Communications resource is a one-stop shop for students and recent graduates to pursuing communications-specific jobs.

Internship Program

Through COMM 495, the College offers internship opportunities with advertising agencies, broadcasting stations, public relations offices, magazines, newspapers and many other communications-related companies and organizations.