Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs’ mission includes: fostering the growth of diverse students as young leaders and young scholars; providing cultural programming that promotes a richer understanding and respectfulness of the differences; and supporting a variety of student clubs that allows students to get involved and work together.


Cultural pluralism is my vision for the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications. Simply put, cultural pluralism exists when smaller groups within a larger society are able to maintain their unique cultural identities, and their values and practices are accepted by the larger culture. To bring my vision to life, the Office of Multicultural Affairs leads and supports the College in interweaving diversity into the very fabric of our daily operation and into every aspect of our collegial practices. Whether you are already a communications major or a prospective student, the Office of Multicultural Affairs is ready to guide you in achieving your goals and helping you feel at home at Penn State.

—Joseph M. Selden, Assistant Dean for Multicultural Affairs


  • Foster the growth of our diverse students as young leaders and young scholars through academic, personal, career and financial counseling;
  • Offer cultural programming the promotes a richer understanding and respectfulness of the differences in race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, religion and veteran status;
  • Provide a wide array of student clubs whose members can work together in activities that contribute to Penn State’s goals to foster diversity;
  • Lead the College of Communications in the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body.


Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration

Howard job fair 2014The Office of Multicultural Affairs offers a wide variety of events to celebrate diversity. Highlights of programs for students, faculty, staff and the community include:

  • African-American Heritage Month Program
  • Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month Program
  • Disability Awareness Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Program
  • Native American Heritage Month ProgramJorge Mondaca
  • Staff Annual Diversity Day Celebration
  • Diversity Scholars and Student Meetings
  • Welcome Back Ice Cream Social



Assistant Dean Joseph Selden
Office of Multicultural Affairs
206 Carnegie Building