Office of Multicultural Affairs

Academic Support and Services

The College of Communications’ Office of Multicultural Affairs provides:

  • Extensive academic, personal and financial counseling.
  • Career and internship counseling and assistance. The Office of Multicultural Affairs works in tandem with the Office of Internships and Career Placement to assist students in fully optimizing their career potential.
  • A full array of student organizations, including:
    • Asian/Hispanic/African/Native American Student Organization (AHANA)
    • National Association for Minorities in Communications (NAMIC)
    • Penn State Association of Journalists for Diversity (PSAJD), which publishes Cultural Expressions (our student-run multicultural newsletter)
    • Diversity Ambassadors
    • Diversity Scholars
  • Trips to student job fairs.
  • A wide variety of cultural awareness heritage programs and receptions.
  • The Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP), which brings talented multicultural undergraduate students to campus who are then matched with research mentors from our faculty.
  • Access for students from underrepresented groups for College of Communications, University-wide and national grant and scholarship awards.
  • Leadership to the College in terms of the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body. Each year, the Office of Multicultural Affairs organizes a group of diverse undergraduate and graduate students to conduct phone-a-thons to recruit diverse students and to assist high school students with their admissions applications.
  • input on the recruitment and retention of multicultural faculty and staff.

Page last updated: December 12, 2012