Office of Multicultural Affairs

Diversity Initiatives

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Diversity Goals

The Office of Multicultural Affairs both leads and supports the College of Communications in meeting and exceeding diversity fostering goals Penn State.

  • Developing a Shared and Inclusive Understanding of Diversity
  • Creating a Welcoming Campus Climate
  • Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Student Body
  • Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Work Force
  • Developing a Curriculum that Fosters U.S. and International Cultural/Competencies
  • Diversifying University Leadership and Management
  • Coordinating Organizational Change to Support our Diversity Goals

Courses with a Diversity Component

A student working on coursework sits behind a computer monitor. For more than a decade, the College of Communications' strategic plan has called for "developing a curriculum that fosters intellectual and international competences by offering courses in each major that incorporate diversity modules where relevant."

As a result, faculty members in the College go to great means to ensure a curriculum that helps to prepare students to live and work in a multicultural society. There has emerged a genuine desire on the part of faculty to incorporate, whenever appropriate, diversity issues into their courses.

As a testament to this fact: Since our first Framework to Foster Diversity report in 2001, instructors have incorporated diversity components into 61 additional course sections, bringing the total number of sections that incorporate diversity issues to 117.

List of Courses with a Diversity Component

Diversity-related Research

Faculty Members' Diversity-Related Research

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