Department of Advertising and Public Relations

The department focuses on both economic and social aspects of advertising and public relations, preparing students to pursue careers in business, communications, mass media or a variety of other organizations. One major in the department offers two options.

Students who focus on the advertising option learn how strategically developed advertising impacts the mass media, how it is used by consumers in making purchase decisions, and how it is controlled and regulated. The option also exposes students to the methods by which companies use message creation tactics and message delivery systems to influence and persuade consumers.

Students conduct research to gain insights and create all-encompassing media plans that include a strategy, ratings and costs. They combine this knowledge with the art of persuasive storytelling to create concepts and craft copy for various media, including digital, outdoor, print, radio and TV.

Through their hands-on core classes, students then learn to develop campaign direction and think strategically to suggest appropriate creative media and promotional strategies, as well as marketing materials to achieve pre-determined goals using current technology and software.

Students who complete the public relations option focus on both economic and social aspects of public relations, preparing to pursue careers in business, communications, mass media or a variety of other areas. Students gain experience through classroom instruction and hands-on, real-life public relations opportunities.

In capstone courses, students work with real clients and learn how to build a public relations campaign. They complete market research and craft news releases, public service announcements, pitch letters and assemble media kits. Students enhance their writing and presentation skills and harness strategic planning to build a client brand through traditional and new media.

Potential Internships & Employers

Advertising/public relations professionals contribute on a daily basis everywhere from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations.

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