Department of Journalism

Students in the major may specialize in broadcast, print or photojournalism, with an emphasis across the specializations on multimedia storytelling. Students learn to develop their written “voice,” craft compelling broadcast scripts, or frame and edit images for TV, online or print outlets.

Professionally focused classes prepare students for an ever-changing and important industry that marries a tradition of history-as-it- happens with cutting-edge technology and information delivery.

Courses in the major emphasize an ethical approach. Students also may complete a certificate program in the first-of-its-kind John Curley Center for Sports Journalism, which provides a classroom emphasis and special experiences for those interested in sports communications-related professions.

The department -- recently ranked as the second-best in the nation -- emphasizes an ethical approach and a grounding in professional procedures. 

Potential Internships & Employers

The primary goal of the Department of Journalism is to help educate students for careers as writers, reporters, editors and photographers.

Careers may be found with magazines, newspapers, online publications, television and radio. Many opportunities also exist with the government, industry and the non-profit sector. Some journalism majors, because of their flexible and valuable skill set, work in a variety of communications and public relations roles.

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