New Online Majors for 2017

Digital Multimedia Design

Launching Spring 2017

In conjunction with Arts & Architecture and Information Science and Technology

The major is delivered entirely online and the curriculum integrates courses in art and design, information sciences and technology, communications, and general education options. When embedded in problem-based, purpose-driven inquiry the curriculum is dynamic and responsive to individual needs, interests and aspirations. This approach is well suited and expertly supported in the resource rich online environment. Students take a series of prescribed courses in digital multimedia design, supporting courses in related areas, and additional courses drawn from online tracks in visual arts and design, information sciences and technologies, and communications. The content is sequenced in order to be informing and transforming as students move through the degree.

The DMD major blends disciplinary content, learning approaches, and outcome measures into diverse yet integrated learning experiences. Learning encounters are designed around real-life situations and settings where students make use of creative thinking and critical reasoning to organize their knowledge and ideas and to represent them in a range of visual forms, scenarios, and narrative projects. The content is sequenced in order to be informing and transforming as students move through the degree, and monitored is maintained through the use of digital portfolios that house student work.

Digital Media & Journalism

Projected Launch Fall 2017

Digital technology has transformed the media in immeasurable ways. Although there has been a loss of jobs in traditional or “legacy” media, there has been tremendous growth in digital or “new” media. New job functions, business models, and legal/ethical issues require that students have different skill sets and theoretical perspectives. This new online major will provide students with valuable and relevant coursework from Journalism, Telecommunications and Media Studies. It will prepare students to work for digital media sites such as Buzzfeed, Gawker, Vice or The Huffington Post, but also to be leaders in this field.

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