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Job Opportunities

  • Visiting Assistant Professor in Media Study, University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Job Description (posted 6/7/16). 
  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication (Advertising and Public Relations) with a research agenda in Social Media/New Media,  School of Communication at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff,  AZ. Job Description (posted 1/4/16). 
  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in American Jewish Literature, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. Job Description (posted 12/2/15). 
  • Assistant Professor - Communication Studies, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, La Crosse, WI. Job Description (posted 12/1/15).
  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Communicatiions/Public Relations, California State University, Bakersfield, CA. Job Description (posted 11/30/15). 
  • Part-time, Instructor/Assistant Professor in Communication, Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA. Job Description (posted 11/13/15).
  • Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Critical Identity Studies, Beloit College, Beloit, WI. Job Description. (posted 11/2/15).
  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg, SC. Job Description (posted 10/27/15).
  • Tenure-track position for Assistant Professor Sports Communication in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Job Description (posted 9/23/15).
  • Full-time Faculty position for Assistant Professor in Communication, Civic Engagement, and Race/Ethnicity, University of Colorado. Job Description (posted 9/21/15).
  • Tenure-track faculty positions in Department of Communication and Media at Clarkson University. Associate or Full Professor Job Description.   Insructor or Assistant Professor Job Description. (posted 9/21/15). 
  • Tenure-track faculty position in  Department of Communication Studies, College of Liberal Arts,
    the University of Minnesota. Job Description (posted 9/1/15).
  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Advertising, Penn State Erie, Erie, PA. Job Description (posted 3/5/15)

Funding Opportunities

  • Graduate Assistantship in Teaching & Learning with Technology (TLT), Assistantship Details (Updated 7/28/2014)

General Job Search Advice

While looking over this job search hub, it is important to remember that there are a range of opinions regarding the academic job search process. As such, please use any tips/information found on this page (or any of the linked sites) with caution. Additionally, special recognition goes to Professor Matt McAllister, as some of the tips provided on this page come from valuable information he shared at training workshops on writing a curriculum vitae (McAllister, 2012) and the COMM academic job search process as a whole (McAllister, 2013).

Probable Application Materials

  • Cover letter (length: only one to two pages)
  • Curriculum vitae (also known as a vita or CV)
  • Evidence of successful teaching (or teaching effectiveness)
  • Research sample (or writing sample)
  • References for your letter writers (and recommendation letters)

Cover Letter

“Always include a cover letter and letter of interest when you send your vita to an employer. It is your opportunity to highlight your experience and expertise relevant to the specific institution and position. Never send a form letter. Whether you will stress the potential of your research, the success of your teaching, or your enthusiasm for the mission of the institution will depend on the hiring priorities of the employer” (Vick & Furlong, 2008, p. 153).

Curriculum Vitae

“In preparing [your curriculum vitae], your goal is to create enough interest in your candidacy that you will be granted a personal interview. Design your vita so that your strongest qualifications stand out if an employer skims it for only a few seconds, and with enough supporting detail so that it will stand up to scrutiny during a thorough reading” (Vick & Furlong, 2008, p. 52).

Evidence of Successful Teaching

“While such a requirement is obviously open-ended, it’s a good idea to include something that involves external evaluation of your teaching” (Vick & Furlong, 2008, p. 120).

Research Sample

“In deciding what to send, choose something that is interesting and stands on its own, even if it is part of a longer document. If you send a long chapter, you might want to enclose a note directing readers’ attention to a particular section of it, since, in reality, many committee members will skim documents” (Vick & Furlong, 2008, p. 118).

  • Tips and other information on your research sample (Vick & Furlong, 2008):
    • You may be asked to send an article or research paper.
    • You may also be asked for an abstract or the first chapter of your dissertation.
    • Check with your advisor/other faculty to see what work would represent you best.
    • Besides a dissertation chapter, it is often better to send published material.

Recommendation Letters

“The choice of recommenders is important and merits careful thought. Your dissertation advisor, of course, and anyone else with whom you have worked closely will be your first and second letter writers. In choosing additional recommenders find someone who can talk about your teaching as well as a senior researcher in your field” (Vick & Furlong, 2008, p. 40).

Other Possible Application Materials

Graduate Program Guidelines

  • Should I use the College letterhead? No. In many cases, this is often frowned upon by search committees.
  • Can staff mail my materials? No, mailing application materials is the responsibility of the applicant.


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