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Michelle Rodino-Colocino

Associate Professor , Media Studies


An award-winning scholar, Michelle Rodino-Colocino serves as an associate professor in the Department of Film-Video and Media Studies and is an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Women’s Studies. She aught for three years as assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati before coming to Penn State.

Along with her teaching honors, including the Darwin Turner Recognition for Outstanding Teaching by the University of Cincinnati in 2006, she has been lauded numerous times for her research. In 2012 the Division of Critical and Cultural Studies of the National Communication Association honored her publication, “Geek Jeremiads: Speaking the Crisis of Job Loss by Opposing Offshored and H-1B Labor” (Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 9(1), 22-46, 2012), with the Article of the Year Award.

Rodino-Colocino’s articles have been published in such journals as Communication, Culture & Critique, Critical Studies in Media Communications, New Media & Society, and Feminist Media Studies, among others. She has presented her research at conferences conducted by the Association of Internet Researchers, Console-ing Passions, the International Communication Association, the National Communication Association, and the Union for Democratic Communications. Rodino-Colocino is chair of the steering committee of the Union for Democratic Communications (UDC), is Second Vice Chair Elect of the Critical Cultural Studies Division of the National Communication Association (NCA), and serves on the editorial boards of two scholarly journals including the new Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology by the Fembot Collective.


  • Critical And Cultural Studies Of Media
  • Feminist Media Studies
  • Media And Activism
  • Work And New Media


  • Rodino-Colocino, M. (2012). “Post-Welfare Mothers in Wi-Fi Zones: Dreams of (Im)mobile Privatization in a Neo-Post World.” Feminist Media Studies 12(4), 517-527, special issue on Women and   Mobile Intimacy, Larissa Hjorth and Sun Sun Lim (Eds).
  • Rodino-Colocino, M. (2012). “Participant Activism: Exploring a Methodology for Scholar-Activists.” Communication, Culture & Critique 5(4), 541-562.
  • Rodino-Colocino, M. (2012). “Man Up, Woman Down: Mama Grizzlies and Anti-Feminist Feminism during the Year of the (Conservative) Woman and Beyond.” Women and Language, 35(1), 79-96special issue on Women and Electoral Politics, Mary Vavrus (Ed.).
  • Rodino-Colocino, M. (2012). “‘Feminism’ as Ideology: Sarah Palin’s Anti-Feminist Feminism and Ideology Critique.” tripleC: Cognition, Communication, Cooperation, 10(2), 457-473, Spring 2012.
  • Rodino-Colocino, M. (2012). “Geek Jeremiads: Speaking the Crisis of Job Loss by Opposing Offshored and H-1B Labor.” Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 9(1), 22-46, 2012.