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What is Communications?

Professionals in the fields of advertising/public relations, film-video, journalism, media studies and telecommunications share stories and shape perceptions. They help people learn about the world, make informed decisions and impact others.

Our Philosophy

Recognizing that the best learning environments are not limited to classrooms, the College uses an interwoven three-pronged approach to prepare students to enter the professions or graduate school.

Our Facilities

Twenty state-of-the-art labs in six buildings across campus. You'll learn on the same equipment and software used by professionals in the real world.

Student Support

We take student support seriously. Advising and career services are here to assist you with majors, courses, careers, study abroad and much more. Our Office of Multicultural Affairs also provides important services to students.

Ranked #2 in "The 10 Colleges with the Best Career Services" (CollegeMagazine.com, 2014)

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Are there scholarships available for incoming first-year students?

A limited number of scholarships exist for first-year students. However, the application deadline falls in mid-April before the academic year begins, so incoming students must apply early, be accepted and submit their scholarship application by that time.

Are there scholarships available for international students?

No scholarships are specifically earmarked for international students. At the same time, none are limited to U.S. residents. However, because all scholarships require completion of FAFSA (Free Application for Federal and State Aid), many international students are ineligible.

Classes & Scheduling

How do I schedule my classes?

Students may schedule classes online once they have been accepted and have received and activated their Penn State account.

Will someone help me with my schedule?

Ample assistance — in the form of recommended academic plans, online suggestions and knowledgable advisers always willing to work with students in person — exists to help students schedule their classes. Those guidelines and that expertise help students know how many and what variety of classes to take.

Student Support Staff