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Internship Program

Our students intern with newspapers, advertising agencies, public relations offices, magazines and TV and radio stations and networks. They complete more than 650 for-credit internships each year. And students are encouraged to complete multiple internships in order to find the right experience or fit as they pursue a career.Learn more.


Other Opportunities

Want more than internships? Expand your horizons even more and spend a semester in Washington D.C. or abroad.


International Opportunities

Through “embedded” courses or more than 160 study abroad programs, students may gain exposure to different situations that help them open their minds, and possibly change their lives. Such experiences prepare students for the global professional environment of the 21st century.

Are there scholarships to help me study abroad?

Two specific scholarship funds exist to support students who study abroad.

When can I study abroad?

Numerous options exist, and students can select from English-speaking or non-English-speaking locations.

What are embedded courses?

Students complement a semester of work with a focused week of study and hands-on work in a foreign country.


Washington Program

Tap into the resources of our nation's capital city.

Washington, D.C., is a city that offers a wide variety of academic, professional and cultural opportunities for undergraduates. From Capitol Hill to CNN and the Smithsonian, students have the chance to gain valuable on-the-job experience and work with professionals in their fields.

What is the Washington Program?

Students typically spend a semester in the nation’s capital completing an internship and taking classes.

When can I complete the program?

Juniors and seniors are eligible for the Communications and Democracy Semester, available only in the fall. Students may complete internships in Washington, D.C., at any time.

Potential Internships & Employeers

If you read on a college message board that you must attend a city school because of the internship opportunities, don't believe it. Our dedicated internship staff has built relationships with thousands of companies all across the country.

Your internship (and future career) opportunities are limitless.

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Our alumni return to campus often, visit classes, and regularly host events and students at their places of business. Our mentoring program, special events, and resources make networking a part of the educational process and help lead students to success.

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